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We do different types of rendering


What is rendering?

Cement rendering is the process of applying premixed layer of cement or sand to, exterior walls but can be used to feature an interior wall. The goal is to achieve a fine or coarse, textured or smooth surface. Rendering has been around for a few hundred years and become popular in many parts of Europe It is an affordable way of upgrading the appearance of your property and raising its value. It also provides long lasting protection from all 4 of the elements. Whether you require interior rendering, skim rendering, exterior rendering, acrylic rendering or heritage cement, Charlie & Sons have it covered.

White Set

White set is an interior rendering finish where...


Acrylic Rendering is a top coat we use to...


This type of render is ideal for exterior as...

White Set

White set is an interior rendering finish where we skim render the walls 2 times to make sure it is well prepared.

We then finish off with two coats of white set to get a nice smooth glass finish.

This finish is ideal for indoor walls and can be painted to your preferred color.

It is also good to help your house stay modern.

White set rendering
Acrylic rendering



Acrylic Rendering is a top coat we use to give a coarse, uniform granular finish.

We use acrylic mixes from Ezycoat, the leader in the industry.

Acrylic render is designed for different cement render such as skim rendered and cladded surfaces.

Please ask us and we can tell you more about it.


This type of render is ideal for exterior as it is often rougher than indoor rendering.

Stucco can be both rough or smooth, depending on where and how you want to use it. It can be painted to fit in with the surrounding.

With Stucco rendering, we use a special Terraline gun to give it a rough surface.

Stucco Rendering

How to render

The short version:

In total we need 4 coats. The first step is to apply skim render to prepare the walls. Then we apply two coats of your preferred texture. And finally we finish the walls using what we call membrane.

We recommend all rendering to be painted with membrane. This will give you a real thick coat of paint that looks like rubber and last for a lifetime. Membrane paint is a bit more expensive than normal paint but will make a big difference in the long run.

Whilst we don’t do painting, we can put you into contact with some highly recommended painters who we work closely with.

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