Large residential house

  • great street appeal

    great street appeal

  • retaining wall

    retaining wall

  • garage facade rendered

    garage facade rendered

  • concrete shining in the sun

    concrete shining in the sun

  • modern house rendered

    modern house rendered

  • view of rendered wall

    view of rendered wall

  • render and brick goes well

    render and brick goes well

  • solid plaster wall

    solid plaster wall

  • entry way rendering

    entry way rendering

  • rendering a corner house

    rendering a corner house

  • sponge finish and brick

    cement shining in the sun

  • close up on rendering

    close up on rendering

  • smooth sponge finish

    smooth sponge finish

Rendering modern house and walls

This is a residential job client wanted a nice and smooth finish that give a nice bright look when the sun shine. We used a sponge finish on this wall. It looks great and will last a lifetime.

We have achieved nice smooth finish to the walls using a sponge finish. It now looks square and smooth, perfectly fitting in to the street. Our client is happy with the way it looks and it give them a very nice street appeal.

Benefits of sponge finish

  • great look
  • modern smooth look
  • Easy to wash and keep clean
  • ideal for painting in your preferred color
  • fits a modern house look

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High quality mix

cornerbeads for rendering