We use pumps for large buildings

Why we use rendering pumps

We could not live without our rendering pumps! Joke aside, the pump makes us efficient, keeping the cost down because it is faster than free handing. We are fortunate enough to be one of few businesses in Brisbane using different pumps to complete some of our jobs. Using a quality pump has many benefits for both you and us.

  • complete a job much faster than freehanding
  • access almost any level height with the pump
  • helps us keeping the cost down for you
  • small enough to access most work sites
  • trusted and reliable tool

Mai rendering pump

The MAI mortar mixing pump is ideal as it disassembles in a few seconds. It is highly mobile, allowing us to move it quickly from floor to floor.

This pump is ideal for anything from smaller projects with large walls to multi story buildings.

using pump at wall
multi story rendering

Condor rendering pump

Have a look at some of the project we have completed with the condor rendering pump. When we look back as some of the jobs we complete, we never stop beign amazed over the speed and accuracy we have been able to maintain thanks to the pump.

See below gallery and video to give you an idea about how we use the Condor pump.