Besser Block and Blue Board Rendering in Norman Park

The front section of this house is covered in Blue Boards (which you cant see now). This house also have a large external walls which give the property a great look and protection from the street. Those external walls are made with Besser blocks which is common for many walls now. Besser blocks are great to render and will last many years.

First we prepare the walls and corners by applying plastic bead corners and then give the walls a splash coat. The splash coat helps the next coat to stick to the walls. We screed, then float the walls to finally give them the sponge finish.

Our pump help us to complete the job on time and keep your clients budget down.

  • Preparation of corners
  • Double mesh joints for any blue boards
  • Splash coat
  • Screed, float and sponge wall finish
  • Sponge finish for the front of house
  • We used a rendering pump
  • Ready for client to paint

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