Rendering unit block in Greenslopes

  • one wall rendered

  • smoothing out texture after spraying

    smoothing out texture after spraying

  • new addition to the family

  • nice straight walls

  • sponge finish rendering

  • spraying acrylic rendering

  • spraying and rendering wall at the same time

    sponge finish rendering

  • bare walls ready to be sprayed

  • finished wall and ready to be rendered wall

large unit block in south part of Brisbane

The new large unit block in Greenslopes, Brisbane is coming along very nice after we have finished rendering the exterior. We have worked closely with many trades to make sure we are meeting the expectations from builder and owners.

Our team have been working hard to complete this job in just 2 weeks. We could not have done it with out our Mai rendering pump. This pump makes it possible to render a multi story building. For this particular job we are using a Dulux skim render mix as opposed to a sand and cement mix.

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Like any other job, we need to prepare the building for rendering.  We start with hanging the plastic corners, covering all windows and delicate part before we move on to splash coat the walls.

Once we start to spray the skim render, we need to make sure we work as a close team and follow the right steps and process.

The pump sprays the coat on the walls, next person comes behind trowels the wall, third person screeds and patch and 4th team member starts floating and sponging the walls with a nice smooth sponge.

Mai rendering pump advantages

  • perfect for multi story buildings
  • runs very quiet
  • mix its own water with dry mix
  • holds 4 bags or render at any time
  • no waste
  • easy to maintain house

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spraying and trowel the wall at the same time

spraying and floating wall at the same time

teamwork is the best way to achieve great results