Rendering unit block in Greenslopes

The new large unit block in Greenslopes, Brisbane is coming along very nice after we have finished rendering the exterior. We have worked closely with many trades to make sure we are meeting the expectations from builder and owners. Our team have been working hard to complete this job in just 2 weeks. We could […]

Besser Block and Blue Board Rendering in Norman Park

The front section of this house is covered in Blue Boards (which you cant see now). This house also have a large external walls which give the property a great look and protection from the street. Those external walls are made with Besser blocks which is common for many walls now. Besser blocks are great […]

Acra Tex Rendering

The house is rendered with AcraTex coating system. First we hang all the plastic corners and double mesh between the boards. The team then applied a thick coat with the rendering pump. We screed and patch all areas and ultimately apply a Granosite product to finish the house. As always, our team work is […]

Low set Brick House in Bridgeman Downs

This low set house project involved lots of masking and preparation to protect all glass windows and exterior details. We followed all main steps starting with protecting the corners with corner beads, as well as splash coating the brick walls. We have great team work and like to have a bit of fun when we […]

Wynnum House Renovation and Extension

Home with Existing Stucco and New Sponge Finish We did a job in Eastern suburbs of Brisbane on a 1960’s style house. It involved keeping the old Stucco Rendering on most part of the house and giving it new rendering on at the front. This house were give a full makeover as well as being […]

House in Brookwater With Sponge Finish

Double Story House in Brookwater With Sponge Finish This house is built with blue-boards making it fairly straight forward to apply rendering. Like all other blue board houses, we use mesh tape for all joints. We step it up a bit by using double lengths and material to secure long lasting and strong finish. First […]

Commercial rendering using condor pump

This is a commercial job where we worked together as a team to achieve a great result for a builder. In order for us to carry out this rendering job, we need to use our Condor pump. The Condor pump is an amazing rendering tool for larger jobs like this. It has the ability to […]

Internal brick wall rendering

Transforming brick with rendering We had the great opportunity to work with this older style internal brick walls to apply a finer grade sponge finish. The goal was to make the old look modern and give the house an upgrade. We used a 2 coats system with a skim coat to finally apply a real […]

Block wall rendering

Outdoor Block Wall Rendering Flat retaining walls looks great and are easy to paint in your preferred color. We render your outdoor retaining walls or Besser block walls with the texture you like. We normally advice to have a medium size texture for outdoor areas. If you go too rough, water can stay in pockets […]

The church

The church in Brisbane Prior to us rendering the church, it was run down and tired, much in need of renovation. This re-haul of a church is a project we are happy to have completed. It is always a pleasure to use our rendering skills for the purpose of a community. We worked with 2mm […]