Rendering using corner beads

render with corner bead

Rendering with beads

In order to achieve great results for our rendering jobs, we use corner beads for walls and corners which leaves us with straight and true corners.

The beads need to be attached with glue which is a polymer modified highly advanced form of glue, especially designed to stick corners to buildings, even sticking to painted surfaces. The glue has 24 hours drying time, in which case we top coat and finish the walls.

We use plastic beads rather than metal, this way we avoid rust under rendering.

View a project where we changed the look dramatically using corner beads.

rendered house

Cutting beads

This video show how to cut corner-beads before attaching them to the brick house corners.

Rendering the house

This video lets you know what we are doing to the house as a rendering process.

Applying the glue

This video show how we attach them to the brick house before applying stucco rendering finish.

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We can completely change the appearance of your house, adding value for a lifetime. Our clients are happy with our services.



Charlie and Sons Plastering Service recently completed a whole house render achieving two different textures (bagging & smooth render) to create special effects in different areas as we requested.
The house was at least 40 yrs old and a modest drab brick style. Now after rendering and painting it has new life, looks ‘younger’ and bigger!
The make-over was well worth it. Charlie and Sons came highly recommended by a builder we know to begin with and now we can confirm their fantastic service and workmanship.
Paul was a pleasure to deal with and extremely obliging. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any client. And we would be delighted to use them again on any of our upcoming projects should render be required.
Teresa Holgar, Holgar & Holgar Architects
We would like to welcome and refer the Charlie and Sons Business to any Company / Persons that require Rendering to their business or home.
We had our home rendered and were very pleased with the quality of service and quality finish of their work.
I found Charlie and Sons to be attentive to our requirements and excelled in completing our home as we wanted.
I have no hesitation in recommending this Company to anyone wanting to transform their home or business.
Vicki & Emmanuel Halikos, Satisfied Client

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