Old brick house rendering

This house is undergoing renovation and owner decided to take our advice on rendering. It is a 1930 post modern war home with a painted surface which we will finish with stucco rendering. Even though it is a stucco finish it still makes it looks modern with nice sharp edges, instead of having dirty old round big edges.


To start with we put plastic angles called beads on all the corners of the house, this will help us achieve straight and true walls and the corners.

We also need to patch up areas where bricks are broken or weakened for various reasons. The mesh will prevent the walls and the structure from future cracks.

After that we apply the first coat of glue over the painted brick surface. This coat is crucial to the quality of the job as we need the stucco rendering to stick to the painted surface. The glue we are using is a polymer modified highly advanced form of glue, especially designed to sticking on corners or going over painted surfaces.

The job is divided into 3 major parts.

  • First part is to apply glue to the painted surface
  • Apply render mix on and make sure it is nice and smooth
  • Apply stucco rendering and give it that rough and beautiful finish
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