house nearly completed

Double story Project. Our client in Brisbane (Kenmore) used our services to have the bricks rendered with acrylic skim render mix.

We enjoy working on these type of houses as we have plenty of access and client is happy to put up a little mess for a few days.

We worked hard over 1,5 weeks to have the project completed. With double story houses like this, we use our MAI rendering pump to help us complete the job within our timeline. Read more about the rendering pumps we are using.

The job is similar to many others in the way that we go through many of the same steps. We start with preparing the house by hanging plastic corners, covering the windows and other parts of the house that can be hard to clean up. We then go on to splash the walls before we start rendering. Splashing the walls is something not many companies do any longer and it gives the rendering a better surface to stick to and will make it last longer.

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