Internal brick wall rendering

  • archers been rendered and painted

  • dining area

  • hallway

  • inernal wall rendered

  • living area 2 walls

  • living area wall

  • view towards kitchen

  • dinging area walls finished

Transforming brick with rendering

We had the great opportunity to work with this older style internal brick walls to apply a finer grade sponge finish. The goal was to make the old look modern and give the house an upgrade.

We used a 2 coats system with a skim coat to finally apply a real fine sponge finish. We started with applying one coat to do up all the mortar joints and continued with the second coat to make it really smooth with sponge rendering. The end result is easy to see, absolutely amazing and very livable.

Good reasons to render brick indoor

  • it completely changes the look to new modern
  • your house feel upgraded
  • helps to increase value of house
  • you can paint it with any color
  • increases the lifetime of house
  • sell or rent faster with new modern look

There are only benefits with improving your house internally or externally.

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Arched brick wall

Arched brick wall

Arched brick wall

bare brick before rendering