view from front garden

House almost destroyed by rust

We often come across where previous rendering company have done a bad job affecting the building with severe rust problems. A few fundamental issue arise when we assessed this large residential home.

Previous rendering company used galvanized steel corners which means the rust slowly starts to eat the rendering and make all parts porous.
The reason the house rust comes from the salt in the render, when it is mixed with water and moist air, it starts to eat the corners away. Corners are not designed to be rendered in nature, therefore it is important to use plastic corners who do not rust.

The company did not set the expansion joints properly. Furthermore, the weep holes have not been done properly and finally the texture has not been finished the correct way.

We had to knock all the walls clean from old rendering before we could start building the rendering up from scratch again. It was a big job and we enjoyed working with client and seeing the end result.

Previous builder

  • Used galvanised corners
  • Allowed for rust to start
  • Expansion joints not cut out properly
  • Incorrect placement of weep holes
  • Failed to finish the texture

Plastic corner beads

cornerbeads for rendering
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