Commercial rendering using condor pump

This is a commercial job where we worked together as a team to achieve a great result for a builder. In order for us to carry out this rendering job, we need to use our Condor pump. The Condor pump is an amazing rendering tool for larger jobs like this. It has the ability to pump the cement mix for as high as we need. It does so by adding extensions to the pump hose. In most cases we only need to go 6 or 7 stories high.

Charlie and Sons is one of three companies in Brisbane who have a condor render pump.

Our rendering process
  • Apply a free hand splash coat. This coat is key as it make the render stick on to the walls.
  • Pump spray the sand and cement to the wall
  • Screed the mix properly making it nice and straight.
  • Patch the walls making sure there are no holes
  • Finally we float it with sponge giving a 10mm finish.
Preparing cement mix with pump
Expansion Joints

Other important parts to this job is the use of expansion joints. Cutting out the expansion joint alleviate pressure of the building so that there is no cracking when earth and building moves. If we don’t do this, it will more than likely crack and weaken the building over time.

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