Broadbeach rendering

New home to blend in with community

Our client needed to render their new home so it would blend in with the community. With this particular job, we used a one coat rendering technique applying extremely resistant and tough material from Dulux.

Using a 1 coat system mean we do a lot of preparation and give all external corners a plastic bead to give us the right strength and look.  We apply a much thicker coat that allow us to first screed the walls and then float them for an amazing and very livable result.

One coat system

  • Dulux skim material
  • thicker coat than normal
  • we screed the boards
  • perfect straight finishes
  • crack resistant
  • flexible material with minimal shrinkage

Having a rendered house is now a very viable option for both renovators and new home builders.

They look great and and ads value and increased lifestyle. Keep looking at other projects we have done and when you are ready to ask us any questions, simply call or drop us a line.